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Hey all. Sam here. As many of you may know, In May 2010 I traveled into OUTER SPACE! I was launched from this stupid tiny little planet into SPACE because I am smarter and am related to people smarter than all of you and they can allow me to do things like that. So when I was presented with the opportunity to possibly make a RETURN TRIP TO SPACE I polled my twitter following of like 2 dozen people and 1000 spam-bots to see what I should do. The 2 people that responded told me to go back to space. What I DIDN’T tell them was that it was that going back to space is going to involve permanently dedicating myself to a training program and possibly afterwards making a living for myself working at NASA …And would involve me leaving The Venetia Fair forever. OOPS! But I’m still going to follow through with their advice.

So, that’s it. NO BASS, ALL SPACE BABY! 

That’s me in a space suit in space. Photoshop isn’t one the skills you need to know about to go to space, so don’t worry.

I will be doing the short “I HAVE MADE FIRE! tour” in a couple weeks and then I officially fly out to meet up with the program on April 26th. So that means IF YOU EVER WANT TO SEE ME AGAIN MAKE IT IN THE NEXT 3 WEEKS

So soon there will be some other sorry soul forced to play BASS (that suckssssss) in this band and then you guys will eventually learn to love him even though he probably won’t be able to eat half as many waffles as me. But please be sure to haze him all you want. And you should try to bring him extra cake and waffles at shows. Fatten him up a ‘lil, ya know?

And then some day you’ll be talking to some new TVF fans and you’ll be like “Oh back when SAM was in the band BLAH BLAH BLAH” and they won’t have ANY IDEA what you’re talking about. Just like how YOU have no clue who half of these people are:

Check back to this post regularly and see if Jessie, Jake and I start disappearing “Back to the Future” style. That would be wild.

So while the past 4.5 years have been great, like, BYE GOIN’ TA SPACE

Also, you should definitely come out if you can to this tour in April. I plan on having the best time of my life with my 4 best friends since it’ll be the last chance I get to do so. We’re going to be HOT and WILD for 12 straight days. I can drink until I can’t play bass and still try playing bass. I can’t drink until I can’t fly into space and STILL FLY INTO SPACE so I’m going to be making the most of the time I’ve got left. Dibs on not driving for the whole trip.


OH P.S. If you want me to deliver any messages to any dead people while I’m in space let me know. They’ll all be there! Look! They’re all wearing space helmets too!

In this picture Max is upside down not because he’s dead, but because he’s having fun rolling around because there’s no gravity. He’s loving this!

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    booooo now I’m sad. Way to ruin my good mood Sam :(
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    ugh. dislike I’d appreciate that vacation/visit.
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    I’m really happy for you Sam! It’s gonna suck when you’re gone, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.
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    So very, very sad :(
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    DO NOT WANT. WANT SAM. so much sad :’( so little sam I think now is an appropriate time to pull out the tag I’m tagging.
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    I love how even though I am terribly saddened by this news, I can’t help but laugh. Sam is awesome :)
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    I do not approve of this. AT ALL. especially since this mini-tour with Lacerda (and SIO) isn’t coming to Florida, so...
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    This makes me sad. I have nothing else to say. The end. That is all.
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